How to be a working actor

A Full-day Acting Intensive with Shaan Sharma

COMING TO MINNEAPOLIS, MN and 80 other markets over the next four years.
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Shaan started acting in his home state of Minnesota, where he booked over one hundred on-camera projects and four national commercials before relocating to Los Angeles in 2007. While In Minnesota, Shaan was best known for his passion for protecting aspiring talent from scams and exploitation through the Fresh Face Showcase ('03-'06), an annual fashion, modeling, acting, music, and dance event with the mission to spread awareness on how to safely enter the talent business.

In Los Angeles, Shaan has quickly grown into one of the most respected and sought-after educators for on-camera acting craft, acting business knowledge, career strategy, and casting direction. Very few acting coaches are also a casting professional, working actor, and a consistently published writer about all things acting-related.



LA expertise brought to you

industry knowledge & on-camera craft

When I was an aspiring actor in my home state of Minnesota, there simply wasn't anyone in town who could teach me what I needed to know to pursue a successful career as an on-camera actor or how to act for the specific genres of professional TV and film: single-cam comedy, multi-cam comedy, drama, and commercials. On my journey towards being a working actor, I've made just about every mistake you could make, and it cost me a ton of wasted money, effort, and time. I lost YEARS to not doing things right. Don't make the same mistakes I did. Learn from them.

This full day intensive is ten years in the making, a compilation of everything I have learned as a professional on-camera actor, teacher, writer, and casting professional working with the top studios, casting directors, directors, companies, writers, and production pros in the business.

This is our chance, yours and mine, to meet and make sure that just because you're not in LA doesn't mean you can't access the best training and industry expertise from the greatest on-camera entertainment market in the world.

In the first half, we'll cover everything, and I mean everything, you need know, including the differences between the theatrical (tv/film) and commercial sides of the business, the right kinds of training to get and what to avoid, the online casting services, headshots, reels, getting representation and keeping them productive, the entire audition process through callbacks, avails, booking, and shooting, union vs non-union work, self-taping, and audition tips you can only learn from a casting professional and fellow working actor in the trenches, just like you, doing it every day.

The second half is dedicated to craft: teaching you how to be, and work like, a professional on-camera actor. We'll cover process: how you prepare material for auditions or set, pregame: how you get your instrument ready to effectively perform what you prepared, and setting up your support network: because you should NEVER rehearse alone or without putting yourself on tape. Four attendees will get up in front of everyone on camera for me to coach live and show you how to adapt your craft for each genre.

By the end of the day, if I've done my job right, you'll leave with the knowledge, strategy, and elite craft training to better compete with the best on-camera actors in the world, not just your local market.

I can't wait to dive in with you. Let's do this.